Sustainable Farming

Our Commitment to Sustainable Farming

Here at Fernbrook Farms, we are committed to growing chemical-free food with a focus on sustainability.  We will NEVER use harmful chemicals or synthetic and artificial fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Farming can be inherently detrimental to natural environments by clearing swaths of trees for row crops and monocultures, but it doesn’t always have to be this way. A flourishing ecology boasts biodiversity, from species you can only see with a microscope to those you watch with binoculars. The complex interactions that result between them are invaluable for maintaining the natural world. Did you know that a single teaspoon of soil can hold up to one billion bacteria (check out The Soul of Soil)?  And did you know that these microscopic creatures help take care of our soil?  As farmers, we need to respect and support the health of our land in order to grow fresh, healthy and nutritious produce. That’s why the farmers at Fernbrook Farms focus on sustainable growing practices and farming along with nature, instead of against it.

By rotating our crop fields each year and establishing pollinator habitats for beneficial bug populations, we can manage pests and avoid the use of broad spectrum, chemical insecticides. Seeding cover crops, spreading compost, and fallowing fields all help to build soil structure and reduce erosion. We use organic potting soil, untreated seeds, and OMRI approved materials to support fellow agricultural businesses that share our principles. And our newly implemented ‘Project Pizza Box’ keeps your pizza boxes out of the landfills and gets them into our crop walkways where they can reduce weed pressure, decompose naturally and add carbon to our soils. All of these choices function together to create a vibrant, balanced and diverse ecosystem on the farm that sustains all forms of life, including us!

We love the outdoors and want to see the land thriving. You won’t find us in hazmat suits out in the fields, spraying the newest cocktail of chemicals on our produce to make them ‘perfect’ because we eat this food too! At Fernbrook Farms you will hear bees buzzing, birds chirping, and find frogs jumping out of your way as you reach to eat a deliciously ripe cherry tomato right off the vine. We promise that you can see and taste the difference of local, sustainably grown food.