child petting goat

(ages 3-5)

Pollywogs Summer Camp

Pollywogs camp (ages 3-5) is the perfect camp to grow a child’s natural love of the outdoors.

The Pollywogs will explore all aspects of our farm while engaging in nature rich activities led by experienced staff. Our hands-on activities are perfect for the emerging explorers of our natural world! Every day your children will engage in new activities to broaden their world and nurture their connections to nature, history, farm life and ecology. Adventures on our farm and in our woods will inspire and educate your children while letting them be themselves and explore their natural curiosities.

Here at Fernbrook Farms, your kids might get a little dirty; to be honest, they are going to get dirty for sure, but that’s what happens when kids are truly active and experience nature firsthand! Our goal is that each child leaves our farm with a sixth sense, a sense of appreciation of the natural world, agriculture, and healthy lifestyles.

Fun-filled Fernbrook Farms activities might include:

  • exploring the creeks looking for water bugs and fossils
  • harvesting and eating fresh vegetables from our Children’s Garden
  • crafting musical instruments from natural objects
  • making ice cream with fresh milk and fruit
  • feeding and caring for the farm animals
  • capturing grasshoppers and caterpillars in the meadow
  • catching fish at the pond
  • making volcanoes with clay from the creek
  • collecting eggs from our hen house
  • building a shelter and learning about wilderness survival
  • digging up historical artifacts and learning about NJ history
  • cooking in a solar oven
  • …wishing the day wouldn’t come to an end