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Pre-K and Kindergarten Program

Pre-K and Kindergarten Programs

Encouraging fun investigations, games and educational activities

The Pre-K and Kindergarten Programs at Fernbrook Farms Environmental Education Center invite young children (age 3-5) to experience and learn about the Farm and all of its beautiful, natural places through fun investigations, games and educational activities. Come stimulate your young one’s senses with a unique trip to the farm! One hour classes are offered at different times for Pre-K and Kindergarten aged children throughout the school year for our unique 8-week semesters in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.

"I Liked that size of the class was small—more 1:1 with teacher! Lots of hands-on activities and loved the walks on the farm!"

- Pre-K and Kindergarten Program Parent

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Example Class Topics

Exploring Evaporation and Condensation

As the seasons change, what happens to all the summer rain? Find out about the water cycle in this fun, hands-on activity about evaporation and condensation.

Butter Churning

A staple of any farm, butter is a natural product of milk. Join in the fun as we milk the goats and turn it into a delicious butter topped with fresh herbs from the garden.

Crickets and Using Magnifiers

It’s a good thing there are insects in our world! Explore these amazing critters through the lens of a magnifier. Through observation and exploration we will learn about the habits and importance of the tiny creatures in our environment.

Compost Critters

Around the farm lives a diverse world of tiny critters. Learn how they live and create a habitat to watch them in their environment.

Recycling Paper

Recycling is an important part of our everyday lives. We will learn how recycling benefits the environment and make our own recycled paper.

Fossil Discovery

So much of what we see on the farm will leave an imprint for future generations to learn from. In this activity, we will explore, identify and compare everyday nature items to “fossils left from long ago.”

Our Sense of Touch

Explore your sense of touch with a Feely Box. Using games and feeling sensations, children will understand how important their sense of touch is in learning about the world around us.

Our Sense of Smell

Our sense of smell allows us to enjoy the world around us. Seasons, plants, air and food each present aromas that give us wonderful memories. After exploring different scents, we will plant an herb garden for long lasting “scent” enjoyment.

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