Family Info

What to Bring to Camp

Greetings from Fernbrook Farms Summer Day Camp!

The first day of summer camp is fast approaching and the staff are very excited for the campers to arrive! This page is intended to inform you of all the procedures for drop-off and pick-up as well as to provide you with an equipment list of necessary items for campers to have on their first day of camp. If after reading this, you have further questions please feel free to contact us at (609) 298-4028 or [email protected].



We ask campers to enter our main entrance located at the intersection of Route 545 and White Pine Road. This is the first Fernbrook Farms driveway you come to when coming from Bordentown/Route 206 & 130 and it has a set of red brick pillars at the entrance with a hanging white and green “Fernbrook Farms” sign. Follow the driveway past the small wooden barn (Farm Shop), in front of the big, white house (The Inn @ Fernbrook Farms) and through the circle to the parking lot. “Parking” signs will direct you the whole way.

You will find the entrance to the camp/barnyard at the ‘bottom’ of the parking lot. There is a sign marking the entrance and staff will be nearby to greet you. Once you drop off your camper(s), you will exit at the top end of the parking lot and follow “Exit” signs past the tall water tower and stone cottage to the exit on Route 545.

Drop-off time is 8:20-8:40 A.M. unless enrolled in morning care, and Pick-up time is 4:00 P.M. unless enrolled in after care.

Equipment List

If you have any questions about items on this list please contact us. Put Mabel’s Labels on all your child’s items to help us return lost items to the rightful owner and a percentage of your purchase will return to Fernbrook Farms Environmental Education Center!

Required Items

An extra change of clothes: Campers must have a change of clothes they can keep at camp until they are used (it won’t be long). This includes socks and underwear. When a child has had a clothing change, the wet clothes will be sent home in a plastic bag (we try to have the campers clean up as much as we can before they get back into your car).

Creek Shoes: Creek shoes should be closed-toed and closed-heeled shoes that kids can tighten around their foot to be worn into the creek. Old sneakers work best. ** ‘Crocs’ are not appropriate creek shoes and should not be brought to camp, as they do not provide proper support and are not protective footwear in the creek.**

Two pairs of sturdy, closed-toed shoes: Aside from the creek shoes, campers will need an extra pair of shoes to change into besides the ones they wear on their feet in case their first pair gets wet/muddy. Our feet are very important during the summer and we are very vigilant about their care throughout the duration of camp. Please do not bring flip-flops or sandals. Kids will get to air their feet out during journal time.

A Sack Lunch: We ask that you pack your child a healthy lunch with an ice pack if needed. At the beginning of the camp day, we will collect lunches and they are stored inside. At Fernbrook, we encourage healthy eating habits and we hope that parents will help us in our endeavor. We encourage composting and recycling to reduce garbage and appreciate use of Tupperware and re-usable containers.

Water bottle(s): Staying hydrated is an essential part of a healthy and fun summer camp experience! In an effort to keep plastic water bottles out of landfills, we encourage all campers to use re-usable water bottles. You can write your child’s name on them and we will help your child keep track of these during the day. Campers may refill water here at the farm all day long.

Recommended Items

Swimsuit and Towel: Though we don’t have swimming at camp, we still have plenty of opportunities to cool off in the heat. Sometimes this will require us to change into swimsuits. Towels are also often used during journal time to lie down on. Any wet towels and swimsuits will go home that day.

Rain gear: A raincoat is a valuable investment, and is durable enough to sustain the activities at Fernbrook Farms. Rain pants are also a good purchase, but not necessary. Thin plastic ponchos are not recommended, as they usually don’t last for more than one use (if they last that long).

Sun Screen: SPF 45 recommended. Please apply sunscreen in the morning and campers will have the opportunity to reapply in the afternoon.

Bug and Tick Repellent: Ticks and mosquitoes are a fact of Fernbrook life. They can easily be combated with non-DEET bug spray. Please apply repellant in the morning and campers can reapply repellent at regular intervals during the day. Campers are also encouraged to check themselves for ticks at regular intervals during the day.

Contraband (items not allowed at Fernbrook)

Please do not bring any electronic equipment to camp, i.e. cell phones, iPods, personal game systems, etc. We will not have any time to use these items. Fernbrook Farms Summer Camp offers so much stimulation that your kids will most likely be too tired to use them even after they get home!

Optional Items

Hats, bandanas, field guides, binoculars, water-bottle holders . . .

Campers will have a cubby in our locker room where they can store the items during the day. Again, if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at 609-298-4028.  We’re all looking forward to sharing Fernbrook Farms with you and your child!