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go beyond the traditional field trip

Unit of Study Programs

Are you looking to go beyond the traditional field trip?

The Unit of Study program offers a comprehensive student experience. Our Unit of Study program pairs a Fernbrook field trip with introductory lessons designed to get your students thinking about the field trip topic before your visit. A team of Fernbrook educators will visit your school before your scheduled field trip to engage your students in fun, hands-on activities related to the topic of study.

This comprehensive program allows students to strengthen their understanding of the topic and go further in-depth on their field trip. Fernbrook educators will return to your school for a follow-up and reflection session after the field trip. Typically there are two 45-minute classroom visits before the trip, one full-day field trip, and one 45-minute wrap-up & reflection session after the trip.

Below are Unit of Study programs that are currently available, but please contact us (609-298-4028) to discuss how we can tailor our programs to meet your classroom needs. All of our programs correlate with Next Generation Science Standards in Life Science, Earth Science, and/or Physical Science core ideas.