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Fernbrook Farms proudly grows fresh, healthy, delicious, chemical-free food that goes directly from our farm fields to your family.  While picking up your share, feel free to walk the trails and visit the farm animals for a total farm experience.

Hands down this is the BEST CSA in AMERICA. The variety, the abundance, the selection -- this is how a CSA should be done. If you've tried a CSA before and were appalled at the measly half-bag of vegetables then you need to give Fernbrook Farms a try. We love spending our Saturday morning out on the farm picking our vegetables!

Cheryl A.

2021 On-Farm

Summer Shares

Once again, we have 2 options for our on-farm summer shares!  They are, a full season (25-week) share or a 10-week share. A full share for 2021 is $660 for 25 weeks, approximately Memorial Day through Thanksgiving.  A 10-week share is $360 and you can pick whatever ten weeks you want to come.  With your membership, all new members will receive four (4) reusable CSA bags as we are striving to be plastic-free!

For returning members, you may notice that in 2021 we will be taking one week out of our normal 26 week long distribution schedule. Instead, we will have a 25 week season, with the one week break happening in late August (and yes, we reduced the price of the share). Why? A few reasons. First and foremost, we want to make sure the fall is fabulous!  Every season, it is a challenge in the late Summer as spring/summer crops start to slow down, summer crops need A LOT of attention, and Fall fields need to be disced, fertilized, spaded, and planted (and then weeded and weeded and weeded). It is a crazy time of transition on the farm and we will use this time to build up for a phenomenal Fall.

For more information, visit our online registration form or print our 2021 Sign-Up form.

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Boxed Shares

Can’t make it to the farm each week?  Do you have several families looking for a delivery in your area, let us know and if the logistics work out, we can coordinate a box share to your area!  Each week a box of our fresh, seasonal, chemical-free produce grown right here in Chesterfield, NJ can be brought to your area.  Interested in learning more?  Let us know! [email protected]

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Now it’s even easier for existing CSA members to make payments for their shares! You can use our form to make online payments by check or credit card.

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Gift Certificates Available

Know someone who is a member of our CSA or someone who wants to become a member? Click here to purchase a gift certificate for them! A gift certificate for a farm share is a unique (and healthy!) gift idea for those who like to shop local and shop green. Fill out our online form and we can e-mail you a printable Gift Certificate.

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2020-2021 On-Farm

Winter Markets!

We are trying something new and exciting at the Farm Shop this winter! Instead of our traditional pre-packed boxed share, we will be retailing farm fresh produce in the Farm Shop, similar to a Farmer’s Market. Now you can have more choices in what you eat over the winter! We will also be keeping our fridges and freezers stocked with your other favorite food items. PLUS anyone can come by and shop, not just CSA members!

Winter crops are diverse and include foods like butternut squash, cabbages, potatoes, carrots, lettuce, kale, turnips and much more! We will send out email updates as to days and hours that we will be open from December through March, so let us know if you are interested.