Young Stewards Camp

Week 8: Appalachian Trail Hiking Trip

Week 8 for the Young Stewards Program is our 4-day/3-night camping and hiking trip along the Appalachian Trail.

Fernbrook Farms has been taking campers to the Appalachian Trail since 2010 and each year brings new adventures and memories to last a lifetime.

Plan for the Trip: Hike about 20 miles of the Appalachian Trail from Mohican Outdoor Center to Culvers Gap at U.S. 206.

Monday- Campers spend the day at Fernbrook working on their team-building skills, learning how to set-up their tents, gather/pack their cooking and camping supplies, and scheduling their meals for the trip. * Be prepared to bring fully packed bags on MONDAY MORNING for staff review.

Tuesday- Campers should arrive at Fernbrook between 8am-8:30am. We will finalize any packing that needs to be done, and mix up our trail mix. We will depart Fernbrook by 10am and head to Mohican Outdoor Center Blairstown, NJ. We will hike about 5 miles to our first campsite (Rattlesnake Spring).

Wednesday- The group will hike about 7 miles to our second campsite (near Buttermilk Falls).

Thursday- The group will hike approximately another 7-9 miles to our third campsite (Jacobs Ladder Trail).

Friday- The group will hike about 5 miles to be picked up at Culver’s Gap near U.S. 206 and make our way back to Fernbrook to be picked up by parents at 4pm.

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