The Farm & Farmers

The Farmers

It takes many, many hands to run a diverse, sustainable farm like ours.

Much of the work falls to our great Apprentice crew. They do it all from driving tractors, running the farm shop, pulling weeds, and tending to the livestock.

Meet the Farmers

The Farm

Fernbrook Farms CSA is located on the grounds of Fernbrook Farms in Chesterfield, NJ.

Fernbrook Farms has been in the Kuser family for four generations and you might see the fifth generation running around the fields. The family-owned farm currently blends agriculture, horticulture, education, hospitality, and community which makes a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) a natural fit at Fernbrook Farms!

A Message From Jeff Tober


Jeff Tober is the Farm Manager and is very excited to be managing the CSA. Before coming to Fernbrook Farms, Jeff spent four years at Brookfield Farm in Amherst, MA where he was the Assistant Farm Manager. Jeff and his wife Becky Free are from Pennsylvania and are happy to be back in the Mid-Atlantic (with sons Hank and Pete). Why don’t you say a few words Farmer Jeff:

2018 will mark our 12th growing season here at Fernbrook Farms! We’re very excited to be adding acres and growing food for over 400 families this season. There is undoubtedly a growing wave of demand for foods that are fresh, healthy, unprocessed and grown from nearby farms. Last season we had 26 weeks of distribution and provided over 60 different crops throughout the season (during what was a record dry year!). And although we are not a USDA certified organic farm, we grow using no chemical fertilizers, herbicides or insecticides. Our philosophy is to grow healthy food by growing healthy soils. We eat this food too and we simply do not believe in using chemicals.

We’ve been really fortunate to have a wonderful group of shareholders at Fernbrook Farms. Every week we have people of all ages in the shop and in the fields. Besides getting loads of farm-fresh food, they have the opportunity to pick strawberries, visit pigs raised on grass (as they should be), pick flowers, buy locally grown goods and get in the flow of a full agricultural season on the farm. We know of some small children who turn their nose up at most veggies until they are in the fields eating snap peas and raspberries that they harvested. It’s all about connecting people with their food, and giving them an excellent value for their food dollar.

So please check out more information about our food and our farm on the website and join the CSA for a share of healthy, delicious, chemical-free food. And please contact us if you have any other questions about our farm. Thank you for your interest in locally grown foods!